Customer churn is when an existing customer, user, player, subscriber or any kind of return client stops doing business or ends the relationship with a company

                                                          -  Gerry Enright

In simplified terms, anti-churn activity is a way to lessen the amount of customer loss. Both existing customers that wants to leave and new customers that wants to use the cancellation period. Anti-churn usually is a mix of customer relations and sales.


This presentation is a description of how ONE Contact works with customer retention.





We are a well established service provider in both telesales and customer service. Every week we have new employee trainings for some of our different sales projects. The mayority of new employees have applied after getting recommended by friends and aquaintances or through social media.

We receive around 360 work applications each quarter to our Barcelona office. From these applications around 20 employees are given the opportunity to start a training to join one of our customer retention projects. Out of these 20 employees aproximatley 15 gets a seat in the project.

Recruitmentprocess Anti-churn






All customer retention agents are hand-picked from our TM department.

They are hand-picked according to the following abilities:

  • Positive attitude

  • Goal-oriented

  • Presence

  • Patience

Last but not least, strong sales results

Due to having selected the most goal-oriented and serious employees in the company, customer retention teams have a longer average employment period than normal. This means that we always have an experienced team that can maintain the highest quality and deliver good results


When the agents go from Telesales to the customer retention project, they have a good foundation in the sales. During their time in telesales they have gone through both product and sales training on an ongoing basis

We have some projects where we manage the entire training process,-some clients opts to provide the employees with a basic education in general customer service and internal systems , after that we take over and have a specific customer retention training.


The education is often slightly longer than other customer service courses, which we see as necessary to keep the high quality required to do a good job.

During our customer retention training, we are diligent to put our own mark on conversation structures, rhetoric, customer service, etc. 



During the years we have worked with this, we have developed a very successful approach in which the employee not only works towards individual goals, but also after joint work. This means that everyone who works on the project is keen to give the new employees the best possible conditions when they start in order not to affect the team's results.


ONE has worked closely with Mercuri International, where all our employees have been trained in customer service and customer contact for a long time. All the employees in leadership positions have also attended courses and courses in leadership.
This has given us a common and unified structure for how we work successfully at the company.




At ONE Contact all projects has a dedicated coach who continually works with coaching, quality assurance and follow-up with all employees. This enables all our employees to keep developing their skills within their project, and we can constantly improve our results. 


Each employee regularly receives a extended coaching session and two weeks later a follow-up session. Every session is well documented so that both the employee and the coach can always look back and follow their personal development progress.

All coaches have taken a leadership training with Mercuri International, with whom we created a foundation and structure for how ONE Contact works with coaching in order to achieve the best personal development. It also means that all projects follow the same coaching structure and adhere to the same customer relation values.


Further educaction


Something that we are proud of is that virtually all coaches and managers at ONE Contact have started their career as an agent and developed the necessary skills to pass on to other roles. 

Due to the fact that staff turnover is relatively low, agents are on average very experienced within the projects , we have gained a broad knowledge of everything from systems to dialers etc. The project does not rely on individuals , the teams have a very high competence level.

If you have been working with us for an extended period of time then you inevitably have continuously developed your customer relation skills as we combine education with coaching. In addition, we strive to have a rewarding and developing relationship between our employees and our clients.






ONE Contact has a partnership with Puzzel which is a cloud-based contact center solution. Puzzel is a modern platform that seamlessly manages customer interactions in several different channels such as telephone, chat, email, sms, social media and CRM systems etc. 


Puzzel's contact center solution has the flexibility and scalability to support everything from small contact centers to global enterprises with thousands of employees..




All desktops computers have Windows 10 professional as operating system and are equipped with professional noise-canceling headsets.

Support Systems


When we start a collaboration with a new customer, we always strive to give our employees tools to work as efficiently as possible. We have long experience of developing customized support systems for our customers or integrating with our customer’s IT environment for access existing internal support systems.




HR Policy


To us its very important that all employees feel like they are a part of the daily process and get their voices heard.

We try to meet the needs of our employees as much as possible. 

For an example they can choose between working 75% 89% or 100%. With this setup they can combine the work with studies as an example.. 

The employees has a base salary and a good system with high chances of earning a good commission. After many years of experience we have developed a good bonus system for both agents, the customer and us as a company.

With this system we have seen better results, happy agents and a more profitable business for all parts.

We always have ongoing activities, competitions, dinners and travels with our employees.

In addition to having our own restaurant that serves well-prepared food to our employees, we also offer free Spanish classes in the office.




ONE Contact is looking for active partners but at the same time we expect that our clients trust us to manage a project without them having to micromanage.

We have learned the importance of our employees to gain a in-depth knowledge about our clients, not only regarding their products and services but also their corporate values, hirstory and structure. 

ONE will always assign a project manager and a team leader to our projects. The projectmanager is responsible of contract issues, scheduling and planning while the team leader manages SLA, KPI and overall quality on a daily basis.







Track record

Down below is an example of the churnrate improvements experienced when we rolled out our latest anti-churnproject starting on 1 of June 2018.

The graph shows the overall churn rate for a leading provider of telecom services. When we launched the project the curnrate was around 16% and in 6 months we had reduced it to 3.3% 


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